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Meet The Legends

Meet The Legends - Betty Douglas, Donna & Mark Groom (Skyliners), Jimmie Ross (The Jaggerz), David Granati (Granati Brothers),

Steve Acker (LAW)

The founders of the Performing Arts Legends Museum (PALM), Elbie & Denise Yaworsky and Gene & Cheryl Rees, are excited to announce our very first Meet the Legends Charcuterie (meat and cheese) & Wine Event from 12-2 PM on Saturday, May 7th at the PALM located at 1426 Merchant Street Ambridge.

Our PALM benefactors (significant financial and artifact 2021 contributors!) will also be in attendance.

Only 40 tickets will be sold! The cost of each ticket will be just $20! What an outstanding gift this could be for artists and fans!

The following PALM Legends will be in attendance:

1950's Betty Douglas

1960's Donna Groom & Mark Groom - Skyliners

1970's Jimmie Ross - The Jaggerz

1980's David Granati - Granati Brothers

1970's Steve Acker - LAW (BE Taylor is a featured 1990's artist and was the lead singer of LAW in the 1970's) Steve and Bill were life long friends.

We are featuring Smokey Robinson Wines and charcuterie boards from Vesuvio's Italian Restaurant in Monaca as well as home made wine from our PALM Legends!

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